Launetra provides conventional and specialized truckload services from Baltics between Norway and Sweden, with knowledge-based, value-added logistics for industries with specific transportation needs. We specialize in a well-developed transport network, and allow regular travel routes as quickly as possible to deliver cargo. Launetra try to choose the most optimal way to final delivery, depending on the client’s needs, so we can deliver extremely fast.

Our fleet modernization initiatives and our consistent ability to respond rapidly to client demands safeguard our competitive edge in this segment, while creative cost lowering and asset optimization programs protect our margins under challenging market conditions. Launetra supports client's specificity and ensure careful planning, supervision and control of the whole transport.

Keeping with trends, we continue to search for more creative solutions to improve and streamline our customers' experience and add value to their businesses. The main activity of Launetra - full of cargo transportation by trucks with semi-trailers between Lithuania and Norway.

We give special attention to orders' shipping and delivery dates and We keep maintaining regular and timely provision of information about the location of the cargo.


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